• Optimise business outcomes with human-centered AI

  • Business KPI’s: Optimised by Zinia

  • Business Decisions: Suggested & Explained by Zinia

  • Business Processes: Reimagined with Zinia

  • Build AI Models for Free

  • Explain Data, Models
    & Decisions

  • Govern model versions &
    manage access control

Take Your Business to New Heights with Smart Decisions

The Zinia artificial intelligence platform connects the dots between the key business decision maker and AI. You can now build your trusted AI models without depending on technical teams and ensure alignment of AI with business objectives.

Business Relevant AI

No coding. No need to know AI. Optimise business outcomes with human-centered AI

Explainable AI

Ground-breaking technology simplified to help you build AI backwards from business

Proven AI

Improves revenue by 15-20% and increases efficiency by cutting AI implementation time from months to days

Driving Value From Data

Highly specialised generative AI Modules where businesses can train their own models according to their level of AI comfort. 

Data discovery for understanding key data drivers and behavioural groups, make insightful predictions and optimize decisions.

Helping you on your AI Journey

Resolved pain points such as data preparation, feature selection and implementation with reduced development times, robust actionable outcomes and real time application possibilities, we have a lot to offer.

Process Assurances

Be it, model accuracy measures, confidence intervals, account level explainability or our catalogue of case studies, we can demonstrate the insights that Zinia brings.

Find out more in Zinia's feature Video:

Case Studies

Check out how our platform is helping customers reach their business goals.

Zinia: Powering AI-Driven Business Decision Making

Your business insights + Our AI powered analytics = Your springboard to business success.

Zinia optimises business outcomes with human-centered AI. Most AI development in organisations is misaligned with business KPIs. Zinia is built with the vision to address this key problem by democratising AI for you.

What client says about us

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B2B Lender (unsecured loans)


Fintech lending (Secured loans)


Retail credit debt buyer (unsecured loans)


P2P Lender (unsecured loans)


Vlogs, Blogs & Press Releases

View our vlogs, blogs and press releases to keep updated about how we are advancing with generative AI.  It’s a great resource on topical issues, our latest collaborations and AI news. 


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Connecting the dots in the customer journey

Zinia puts the most sophisticated algorithm in your hands to harness the business value of data. Helping you reach from data to decisions in no time, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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